a borderline obsessive rebrand

Armor’s talent, tools, and technology are forged in battle—but a new approach to their brand was forged by Bigfish.

FireHost began as a rigorously trained, vigorously committed group of IT and security professionals with accolades ranging from the U.S. military to the NSA. These guys have always been serious about cyber security—and that will never change.

As the scope of FireHost's offerings expanded though, the name "FireHost" became too specific to embody their ever-growing, ever-changing products and services. Their brand was ready for an evolution. They needed something something stronger and more versatile—something all-encompassing.

We outfitted them with Armor and brought the brand to life with a fully redesigned logo, business system, collateral templates, and a brand new website.

beneath the plates

Inspired by the motion of two impenetrable plates locking together, the new Armor logo is as bold as Armor itself—strong and intentional, yet unique, with a technical precision that echoes their unparalleled expertise.

The tagline, “Between you and the threat,” takes a cue from the name "Armor" and solidifies the brand's ultimate mission: to protect the customer from cyber threats.

205px / 2"
Maximum width
100px / 1.3"
Minimum width with tag
50px / .7"
Minimum width without tag

down to the last detail

Armor’s services are vast and complex, but the benefits to their customers are simple. What they needed were some visual aids help simplify the Armor process. Paying careful attention to shapes, sizes, and line weights, we developed a holistic icon system that could address their current needs, while laying the foundation for additional icons in the future.





armor anywhere

Hard lines and clear spaces define the Armor stationery.  Clean, white, undisturbed areas are backed by dark, kevlar-inspired textures. As in all cases with Armor, the orange and the logo are always the hero.

advanced training

A definitive set of fully redesigned data sheets and white papers serve as Armor’s front line of education in the Resources section of their website.