one milestone to the next

As a giant in the commercial TV world, Pacific Life has achieved national awareness of their name and iconic humpback whale logo, but they knew there was room for improvement in building familiarity with their products and services. Together we leveraged the digital world to reach not only their existing audience, but non-TV-based audiences as well.

As a central hub, we launched, a campaign-themed microsite that allowed us to streamline new custom content and measure consumer interaction.

speaking of milestones

In order to speak to our audiences in an relevant way, we created 4 demographic segments based on their age group and what major milestones they might be approaching in life like: getting married, buying a home, having children, or preparing for retirement.

  • Affluent Millenials

    While I may not be ready to purchase life insurance or annuities today, I will in future. I’m starting to save for retirement and will need to understand my options as I begin to build a family and grow my wealth. I may not currently have a financial advisor, but will conduct extensive research online and look for helpful tools, resources, and checklists to educate myself about planning for retirement.

  • Young Family

    We invested in term life insurance policies when our first child was born, but question whether we’re set up ideally for the future. We don’t have a financial advisor but probably need one. Our key financial challenges are financial vulnerability, outliving retirement assets, and taxes. I take primary responsibility for investing, long-term planning and insurance. My wife manages day-to-day expenses and charitable donations, as well as paying bills. Decisions about real estate, large purchases, estate planning and college savings are made jointly.

  • Established Family

    We are financially savvy consumers trading stocks online and using credit cards with rewards programs. Recently, our family met with our estate attorney and financial advisor to make sure we're all on the same page when it comes to our financial future. We are heavily invested in stocks, futures, and mutual funds. We want to protect our dependents from undue financial burdens with lots of high-balance term and whole life insurance.

  • Retirement

    We are admittedly risk-averse in our financial behavior; we buy a variety of insurance products, including long-term care, medical, and residential coverage. Our investment decisions are driven by brokers at full-service brokerage firms. A primary motivation for investment purchases is to create a tax shelter and protect our legacy. We want to make sure we’ve built a solid financial foundation that not only supports us through retirement but sets up future generations of our family for success.

underwater mood

Building off of their existing guidelines, we created a set of graphic assets utilizing the Pacific Life logo and brand colors that would be unique to our campaign. Hero footage and images of humpback whales set the mood and our words told the story.

30 seconds at a time

By creating new 15, 30, and 60 second video spots, we were able to reach a whole new audience through multiple channels including online banners, pre-roll, and smart TVs, just to name a few.

all shapes and sizes

The media didn’t stop at pre-roll. We created custom interactive web banners with embedded video, engaging interstitials (those ads that nudge you with an ever-so-sublte message before the page loads), and animated ad selectors that allow the user to choose their own pre-roll.

the big take-over

And, for that fully immersive experience, the full page take-over. The closest we could get to a fully immersive humpback whale experience without getting our keyboard wet.

imagine _____.

Before there were images, there were only words. Campaign strategy guided our theme and our theme guided our visuals. This is where it all began.

take the journey

Our demographic segments were based on milestones. To illustrate that idea, we built an interactive timeline infographic that allows visitors to explore their future and learn what they should be planning for and when.