AZ5C Gives The Arizona 5 Cs A Culture Makeover

Over the last 100 years, the drivers of economic growth in AZ have changed. Follow real AZ success stories as we bring our community into the 21st Century.

Big Things are Happening In Our AZ Economy

Arizona has changed. How, you may ask? Communities are growing, diverse cultures are thriving, and entrepreneurs are flocking to the state for our seemingly endless opportunities.

At Bigfish, we have the pleasure of working with a wide range of Arizona organizations every day, helping them tell their stories to create awareness and build trust. We happen to love living in Arizona too. And, as our relationships with Arizona brands grow, the pride, smarts, work ethic, passion, and dedication happening around here never ceases to amaze us.

There are so many AZ brand stories worth sharing…

Which got us to thinking…

Which brings us to AZ5C.

What exactly is AZ5C? Well, as we brainstormed about a project designed to serve up Arizona greatness, we recalled the good old 5 Cs. Some of you may recall that for about 100 years the 5 Cs have been cotton, climate, cattle, copper, and citrus—which made sense back when.

However, we couldn’t help but notice that these economic drivers were due for a refresh…

Ripe for a shift from the physical to the intellectual…

And crying out for an update that better reflects modern Arizona.

So we did just that.

Someone Thought This Up, Find Out Who

The New and Improved Arizona 5 Cs

Meet the new AZ5C – culture, community, commerce, connectivity, and catalyst. We conceived these 5 Cs to shine a light on the remarkable people, disruptive ideas, growing businesses, and booming economy that make Arizona such an exciting place to live.

As a part of spreading the AZ5C concept to the masses, we explore and promote the non-profits, businesses, and service organizations that help our community flourish. In the process, we meet some pretty cool and inspiring people. For example, Nicole Stanton of Quarles and Brady recently showed us how actively involved in the community a law firm can be, and the impact they have at a local middle school.

We said Arizona stories are worth sharing, check it out.

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