Bigfish and LLS partner together in the fight against blood cancer

Bigfish Principal Joe Pizzimenti and his team are joining with LLS to raise awareness, money, and the spirits of those battling blood cancer.

When the Bigfish team was asked to get involved in raising money for blood cancer for LLS, there wasn’t much hesitation in saying “yes.” For us, giving back is just part of what we do, part of our culture, and an important aspect of community involvement. And it doesn’t hurt that we’re LLS veterans—having seen the incredible effectiveness of this dedicated organization up close and personal definitely spurs us on.

You might be startled to learn that there is a new blood cancer diagnosis in the United States every three minutes. For people jolted by this terrifying diagnosis—for their families, too—confusion over treatments, outcomes and payment can set in.

While there may not be a cure for blood cancers yet, over $1.2 billion has been invested in blood cancer research since 1949 thanks to LLS and donors like you. That generosity helped fund more than 15 approved treatments in 2017 alone—treatments that can send blood cancer into remission and give families a second chance. LLS helps families pay for expensive treatments, as well—that’s a big deal.

Let’s talk money: Joe committed to a personal goal of raising an impressive $5000 for LLS this year. With that in mind, the Bigfish team decided to up the ante and raise the goal to $10,000. We will also participate in the annual Light the Night event that celebrates survivors, raises awareness and encourages others to join LLS. We have lent a hand with Light the Night before, we’re thrilled to do it again.

Join us by making a contribution to LLS

Let’s keep on talking money: Bigfish team members have already stepped up in creative ways to help reach the lofty $10,000 threshold in just 3 months. Partnering with local Scottsdale winery, Su Vino, Bigfish is set to co-host an evening event on Friday, October 19th (5 to 8pm), with a plan to contribute more than 70% of proceeds to LLS. This night of family, friends and live music will bring people together to appreciate the fight so many people are facing—and to support making that fight a little easier.

At Bigfish, we support our community in lots of ways. But perhaps there is no greater partnership than standing with those combatting cancer—both families and care providers. Many on the Bigfish team know firsthand what it’s like for a family to go through a cancer diagnosis: Our fondest hope is to one day reflect on playing our small part in having defeating blood cancer. In the meantime, we won’t give up.

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