Bigfish Favorites: Songs of 2017

A playlist as eclectic, funky, and explicit as the folks who made it.

Here in the creative biz, our music is as important to the creative process as the coffee we drink and the air we breathe. So, every rotation around the sun, we poll the entire office to find out what’s been buzzing in our earbuds, jamboxes and car stereos. As expected, all of our choices together resulted in a playlist as eclectic, funky and explicit as the folks who made it. Without further ado, here are the Bigfish Favorite Songs of 2017:



Alyssa Anduiza


Miguel – “Pineapple Skies”

Because it’s impossible for a synth funk song that references Prince and Stevie Wonder to not make you feel good. Also, it’s called “Pineapple Skies.”


Jackson Bentley - Bigfish Creative Group - Marketing Research CoordinatorJackson Bentley

Copywriter, Digital Specialist

Portugal, the Man – “Feel it Still”

Gotta love when the brass drops. Fun fact: that melody you’re hearing is “Please Mr. Postman” by the Marvelettes.


Joe Pizzimenti


Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Dark Necessities”

A strong return from one of the best live acts in showbiz.


Amber Chutich - Bigfish Creative Group - Web DeveloperLenny


King Krule –  “Dum Surfer”

Sounds like someone pieced together their effects-laden basement studio mix and layered on a great guitar solo. Haunting. Discordant. Drug-addled. Genius.


Briona Baker


Kygo – “Stargazing (feat. Justin Jesso)”

Stargazing is a feel good, piano-backed jam with smooth acoustics and lyrics that focus on keeping hope and imagination alive.


Zach Akbar - Bigfish Creative Group - Web DeveloperZach Akbar

Web Developer

Mutoid Man – “Kiss of Death”

Call me old fashioned, but I’ll take a well-crafted album over a single any day. This one’s amazing front to back; it shreds, grooves, and leaves you wanting more!


Joleen Jansen - Bigfish Creative Group - Senior Account Manager + Marketing StrategistJoleen Jansen

Director of Accounts

Kendrick Lamar – “Humble”

This is my favorite because, be humble.


Kevin Cornwell

Design Director

Incubus – “Love in a Time of Surveillance”

For one, this band has been killing it since album one, Fungus Amongus in 1995.

The song “Love in a Time of Surveillance” is a standout for me because of the story within –

“Disappear, big data’s got your number.”

While trying to stay present in a world of digital transformation and social media’s constant distraction, you have sign into or sign up for everything you do – even if it’s just to play a quick game of Madden 18. The marketers, and who knows who else, are watching and want to know who and where you are.

“You’re a seed to fill

It’s all grist for the mill”

Also, this song made me look up the meaning of “nom de guerre”:

“An assumed name, as one under which a person fights, paints, writes, etc.”

How bad-ass is that. Just call me Nine13.


Thao Phan

Administrative Assisstant

Self Care – “Emmalyn”

It’s a reminder to give ourselves some TLC every once in a while.  Self love is important for your health as anything else 🙂 


Jenna Handley

Account Manager

St. Vincent – “New York”

It’s an A+ driving song.


Alex Giroux

Jr. Account Manager

Mac Demarco – “One More Love Song”

I typically prefer nice rounded 7th chords, which are all over the place in this jam (plus it has a totally appropriate title to make you feel all warm and fuzzy). Oh and also because, who can just pick one??

Moon Boots – “Keep the Faith (feat. Nic Hanson)”

Morgan Saint – “YOU”

Royal Blood – “Lights Out”

Banks – “Underdog”

Portugal, the Man – “Feel it Still”

Drake – “Passionfruit”

Big Wild – “Empty Room (feat. Yuna) [Cabu Remix]”

Frank Ocean – “Chanel”

Tyler, the Creator – “911 / Mr. Lonely (feat. Frank Ocean and Steve Lacey)”



Ryan Carr

Associate Design Director

Greta van Fleet – “Safari Song” 

Love that they are a perfect nod to Led Zeppelin, but create their sound with a unique twist.


Dennis Elder

Technology Director

Foo Fighters – “Concrete and Gold”

Not only is the entire album amazing, but I just love the Pink Floyd influence on this track. Takes me back to my early 20’s…


Melissa Berkeley

Senior Designer

Caracara – “Glacier”

I like the addition of the orchestral music. It grounds the noise and angst with something beautiful. It’s artsy and I dig it.


Kiahna Chutich

Adminsitrative Assisstant

JAY-Z – “Smile”

Because it celebrates being true to yourself and loving who you are even if society doesn’t accept you.


Marcus Piazzisi

Director of Paid Media

Justin Timberlake – “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

Reminds me of an awesome trip to San Antonio with my girlfriend! AND you can’t hate on JT…


Allie Jones

Jr. Account Manager

Dua Lipa – “New Rules”

Because it’s catchy as hell and it makes me wanna daaaaaance!


Amber Chutich - Bigfish Creative Group - Web DeveloperAmber Chutich


JAY-Z – “4:44”

In the rap world it is the norm and somewhat expected that artists tell stories of exploiting women, cheating and playing games in their songs. This song, however, is a love song, an apology, a recognition of wrong doing and betrayal. It truly reveals the maturity of a man that was raised in the ‘rap game’, the regret and acceptance of his actions and the loyalty he has to his family. I have always been a fan of Jay-Z, he is one of my most favorite artists. With this song, he gains even more respect from me as a fan. It is especially interesting because 4:44 was released after the 2016 Beyoncé Lemonade album where she implies cheating by Jay-Z and gives us a peek into the very private lives of the Queen Bee and the King of Hip Hop. Whether the story within these albums were produced solely to create buzz and sell music or not you can’t deny the genius of this man. Also, in true Jay-Z fashion, the groove, the beat and the rhythm of the song keeps me listening and wanting more.


Kathryn Jarosz

Director of Accounts & Brand Strategy

Ed Sheeran – “Shape of You”

Ok, seriously, I am trapped in the musical stylings of the 70s and heavy metal…so as far as 2017…not really a great year for my musical tastes. If I have to pick a song I’ll go with “Shape of You” cuz it’s catchy and I haven’t gotten totally sick of it just yet. 😉


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