Bigfish Plays Company Softball

Batter up! Meet the starting line-up for the Bigfish softball league team

We’ve got team spirit, yes we do! Check out our Agency page to learn more about the team.

The rumors are true, Bigfish has taken part in a softball league! Are we good? Debatable. Do we win? Not technically. Do we have fun? You bet your AstroTurf we do. Of course, you can’t tell the players without a program, so here you go:

Bigfish Company Softball Team Roster

Joe “El Jefe” Pizzimenti – Head Coach/Cheerleader

Provider of fine pilsner, dubious advice and terse pep talks, you’ll find Coach Joe on the sidelines, looking from the field to the skies above, shaking his head and kicking at the dirt.

Alex “Organic” Giroux – #4

Playing shortstop and leading off, this fireplug has the spirit to keep the team going through any (long) inning—her style of play has been characterized as “French.”

Allie Jones – # 22

Playing left and batting 2nd, Allie’s cannon of an arm once held a base runner to a double. To celebrate after the game, she ordered a double.

Alyssa Anduiza – #8

Playing right and batting 3rd, you can find Alyssa catching the action on Bigfish’s Instagram feed between plays, and that includes while she’s in the outfield.

Jackson Bentley – #66

Batting cleanup and defending the hot corner, Jackson never loses sight of his biggest fan, his dog, Baxter—when asked which major league “Jackson” inspired him, he said “Michael.”

Jenna Handley – #11

Playing second and batting 5th, Jenna plans to dive deep into the hole after a grounder, make a bare-handed grab, and pirouette to throw the runner out in one motion. Plans are cool.

Amber “Biz” Chutich – #21

Playing center and batting 6th, Amber fields towering fly balls without breaking a sweat—a keen baseball mind, Amber has advised teammates to “make less errors and get more hits.”

Kellen Moen – #26

Batting 7th, this jack of all trades and seasoned pro (literally) can cover any position. When called a “ringer” by an opposing team, Kellen retorted “I know you are but what am I?”

Megan “Paid” Mitchell – #11

Playing short and batting 9th, Megan’s quick reactions and athleticism have been described as a marriage of ballet and acrobatics—she actually supplied that description herself.

Ryan “RT” Carr – #77

On the mound and batting 10th, this hurler knows the secret to a strikeout. Being an honorable man, he’s not sharing that secret with the batters he faces.

Sarah Barnard – #5

Playing first and batting 11th, Barnard puts that 20 ft wingspan and knack for digging throws out of the dirt to good use—she has no choice: nearly all of our throws to first are a little off target.

Sebastian “Cbass” Campos-Alvarez – #99

Catching and batting 12th, Cbass would like to see more of the balls and strikes called by the umpire reviewed on instant replay…Also more cat videos.

Joleen “Kathleen” Jansen – #35

Batting 13th and playing utility infielder, you can find Joleen shuffling the team lineup on a Xcel spreadsheet while trying to convince Joe to supply better beer than Miller Lite. Good luck!

Kevin Cornwell – #14

Playing center and batting 14th, Kevin can field his position, spray hits and stroke for power, and he was voted the league’s PMLLDBC (Player Most Likely to Look Dashing in a Baseball Cap).

Melissa Udani – #88

Playing third and batting 15th, Melissa has the green light to swing for the seats, the yellow light to have a fourth beer, and the red light to drop more than one f-bomb per inning.

Kathryn “Kathleen” Jarosz – #7

Rounding out the lineup, Kathryn is a multi-position hustler who attacks the infield, outfield and sitting on the bench with equal aggression—she does not currently chew tobacco.

Check out the RAT League Facebook for game schedule and league photos!

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