The Bloguettes Workshop Phoenix Review

What we took away from one of the most instagrammable events in Phoenix

Last week I was given the opportunity to attend one of the most instagrammable events to ever occur in Phoenix. The Workshop was not only a showcase for countless adorable sponsors (like Gypsy Cup, Tuft and Needle,  Phoenix Public Market, and so many more), but also a chance to learn and connect with social media mavericks and attendees alike. Since the exhaustion of note and picture taking has now subsided, I’ll share a few of my favorite speakers and primary takeaway.

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Favorite Speakers

My favorite speaker by far was Lindsay Quinn from The Hustle, a daily newsletter interwoven with politics, tech, and humor. During her session, she spoke on what makes the anatomy of the “perfect” blog post. While she gave suggestions on which steps to take and when for writing a blog, it seemed entirely clear that the most import part of writing is understanding your audience. They probably don’t have time to read something for more than a few minutes, so keep it short, concise, and well written (not that I can say this is my personal forte).

Another fantastic session I attended was with Calli Cholodenko from Something Social, a social media strategy agency based out of LA. While the session was geared around the most useful applications and tools for effective social media management, her delivery was fun and lighthearted. Social media is very much trial and error; processes and assets work for some but may not work for others, so understanding the social goals and aesthetics of a company are crucial for successful post engagement.

Last but surely not least, one of the co-founders of Bloguettes shared with us her insight on the importance of a media kit, and what should really be included in that document. For example, it should be a snapshot of your business to send to potential partners. The message should be thoughtful and the design should support that intention.

What I REALLY Learned

If there was a common theme mentioned by speakers throughout the conference, it was absolutely the idea of “embracing the struggle”. Whether that struggle is that you can’t find the words for that particular blog post, or that you don’t know what to write, embrace that difficulty and struggle, because your audience may have experienced something similar, and that is what develops a connection to your reader.

This “struggle” was mentioned in most sessions as an opportunity. Lean into that difficulty you have, as it is a true learning experience.

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