Email Marketing is the Most Effective Digital Marketing Channel Pt.3

Email marketing remains an incredible standout as a digital marketing channel. So, what are you waiting for?

Part 3: Measure the Success of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Measuring the success of your email marketing campaign is a crucial part of the process. This is where you can gain insights for whether your goals are being reached. You can use your email marketing tool or Google Analytics to research your campaign metrics. Here is a quick list of what you should be looking for:

Total Opens – measures the number of times an email has been opened

Open Rates – total times an email is opened divided by the total amount of emails sent during your campaign

Click Through Rate – number of times a click is made divided by the total impressions on an email

Number of Bounces – undeliverable addresses whether soft or hard bounces

Spam or Abuse Complaints – the rate at which subscribers has marked your email as spam

Unsubscribe Rate – the rate at which subscribers remove themselves from your email subscription list

Shares – the rate at which the email was forwarded to a friend or shared via social networks

Email Conversions – how well an email succeeded in covering subscribers in to customers or clients

Email Revenue – total revenue generated from the email marketing efforts

Be smart about which metrics you are tracking and effectively measure your email marketing performance by comparing success between various campaigns. You can dig deeper into your metrics to see which people on your subscription list opened and clicked through specifically to get a better idea of how how to build a re-targeting campaign and serve up more content to target audiences. The bottom line is that while you can create the perfect email, deliver it at the exact right time, and even include a carefully crafted call-to-action, unless you are measuring against the original goal, even the highest of open rates means very little.

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