Instagram and Your Social Identity

We reveal 3 key ingredients in our Instagram secret sauce

Instagram. It’s the social media platform you’re bound to spend most of your time on, mindlessly scrolling in search of some visually appealing, informative or laughter-inducing photos and memes. The goal of any active Instagrammer is to share something that the rest of the world will hopefully enjoy as much as you do, whether it be tasteful coffee shots or envy-inducing vacation photos, but the best accounts all have one thing in common: cohesion. Instead of just posting individual photos, your account should have a cohesive, collective aesthetic. At Bigfish, we’re strict adherents to this rule. In order to accomplish this, we use 3 major apps to help us plan, edit and deploy our #instagold

How We Edit

First, for the editing. We use VSCO, a very popular editing app that has free and for-purchase filters. To be frank, this is the most important part of figuring out your personal Instagram identity. Find a filter that you’re attracted to, and most importantly, you could see yourself using EVERY time. This is truly the secret of having a cohesive feed, making sure each photo is edited the same each and every time.


Second, we also use the app Lightroom, this is to get deeper into the photo editing process. Lightroom allows you to adjust the lighting settings and even color settings to a tee! You can do this by touching the “Mix” feature on the app to ensure that the colors used in each photo resemble the others in your feed. This will come in to play again when we are in the planning phase.



How We Plan

Last but not least, we use the UNUM app for all planning and data purposes. This app is the best! It uses a tile property to mix and match different pictures you have taken and edited to ensure that they look cohesive in a feed. When placing photos, it essential to utilize negative space so as to not over crowd your feed. There is also a data function in this app that allows you to see which posts are performing best.


It may be neurosis, but we think it looks pretty damn good if you ask us. Hopefully you give these apps and tips a try!

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