Meet the Bigfish Team: Marcus Piazzisi

A chat with Bigfish's newest Digital Marketing tactician

You, stranded on a desert island. One food supply, one beverage supply, one dvd boxed set television show. What are your choices?

Pizza, Wine, The Office

What advice do you find yourself giving to customers most frequently?

Every customer is different but my approach to caring for my customers is always the same… put their goals above my own. If you’re as genuinely invested as your clients, the advice you give always comes from the right place, and your customers will appreciate you for life.

What’s a piece of career/business advice you’ve received that has stuck with you?

Every day you have a choice to get better or get worse… there is no such thing as maintain

You’re only as good as your last at bat

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

What do you like to do over a 3-day weekend?

I almost always start some sort of project around the house (boring) but when I’m not doing that, I’ll play some golf, go mountain biking, hike Camelback… anything outside works.

Nearly everyone on the Bigfish team has some creative chops—how about you?

I sure do! Fun fact, I draw! Also a self-proclaimed interior designer!

Google and Facebook receive more than 70% of digital ad spending. Do you foresee a day when a new platform eats into the dominance of search and social media?

Looking at the acceleration of the digital space today, I can absolutely see other players taking significant market share away from the two powerhouses. I can’t foresee Google or Facebook letting up any time soon, but it’s dangerous to think you’re untouchable, and if they stop innovating, they’ll eventually fall to better products/services.

How would you like to see your skill set expand in the near future?

This year, it’s a directed focus on health & wellness. Everything from improving flexibility (Yes, I’m so inflexible that I view it as a skill) to learning healthier recipes to cook at home.

Favorite Car?

Gulfstream G6… I know it’s not a car but #goals


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