Meet the Bigfish Team: John D’Agostino

Get to know Bigfish’s newest web developer.

Here at Bigfish, we are always looking to partner with great people and incredible brands.

Give us a brief synopsis of how you got into web development?

I started working in the client services field a few years ago and decided not long after that I wanted something new- more challenging and more creative. A few buddies of mine suggested I try coding but, to be honest, I was a little intimidated to try it. I started a course on a website called and pretty quickly, I was addicted. After that, I attended a coding boot camp of sorts in Utah, called DevMountain. It was here I was really able to get into the nitty-gritty of coding and development. Shortly after that, I got my first job in web development!

Web development is a pretty niche skill – what are some things people might be surprised to know about a day in the life of a developer?

I guess one thing that might surprise people is that you don’t have to be that great at math to be good at coding, which works out well for me. It’s really about tackling the task head on, and most days that means a lot of research, learning the best way to do it, and getting it done. Most days I call myself a “professional Googler.”

So, if you weren’t in web development, what do you think you’d be doing?

I’ve spent a lot of time around designers, and I think what they do is awesome. Basically building blueprints from scratch, it’s really all about creativity and I love that.

Speaking of creativity, we’re a pretty creative bunch here at Bigfish, what about you?

Absolutely, if I’m not being creative I start getting into a funk. I’ve always had a bit of a creative edge, with music and artwork. I even have my own vlog! Part of me really loves being able to look back and see where I started and where I am today. My grandparents were really artistic so I pull a lot of inspiration from their old poems and artwork. I’d definitely like to create more of my own in the future.

A little libation never hurt the creative process, what’s your typically Friday night look like?

  1. Cheap wine
  2. Taco Bell
  3. Rock climbing

Favorite part of the job?

For me, it’s the excitement of starting a new project. I love digging in and finding out what I’ll be building, and on the flip side, I love the feeling of completing a project and the satisfaction of seeing my work come to life. It’s all the work in between that makes crossing the finish line so worthwhile.

You’re from the windy city, any plans to move to sunny Arizona?

I was born in Chicago, so all my friends and family are here! I actually lived in Arizona for about 10 months but ended up moving back home to be closer to them.

Here’s a really important question…dogs or cats?

Usually dogs, until they start barking during a movie, then it’s cats.

What are some of the go-to web dev tools you’re currently psyched about?

I use Sublime Text and Chrome Developer religiously. And also, Redbull and the Ramones, just to keep me going.

Okay, last question. Give me your elevator pitch in 20 words or less!

I once coded a seven-page responsive website in one weekend- and still had time for Taco Bell and Netflix.

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