Meet the Bigfish Team: Megan Mitchell

Our new Media Planner, Megan Mitchell, has some serious digital media skills, and she’s not afraid to use them

Give us a brief synopsis of your entry into the world of media.

I actually started my Media career in Sales. I moved out to Los Angeles to work for Hearst Magazines, putting together integrated marketing programs for our corporate clients that leveraged multiple magazine brands and media channels. After a few years in La La Land, I moved home to Phoenix and switched teams – starting on the Agency side as soon as I got here. Instead of completing RFPs, I was issuing them and building out plans for clients. With the guidance of some awesome mentors, I learned media buying starting from processing invoices, working my up to executing my own plans and campaigns for clients.  The Media landscape changes every day, and with that comes so much innovative potential for brands. For that reason, I have come to love the Agency life—having first access to new platforms and technologies makes it very exciting to be a buyer.

What questions do you ask clients when you’re making a determination on buying media exposure?

I like to start by understanding what their marketing objective is. Is it an increase in foot traffic to a location? Is it overall brand awareness? Increase in online sales? There are specific Media strategies and channels that are designed to move the needle on certain KPIs. So, the big things to gauge are the goals, along with of course, their target and anticipated spend, before starting the research and ideation process.

What media buying mistake do you see brands commonly making?

Putting all their eggs in one basket. There are so many platforms out there today and so much real estate available to get your name in front your audience. It’s naïve to think that one platform – digital, print, TV— is the answer to all your marketing concerns. People are everywhere, and great buyers should make sure their brands are too.

You lay claim to being an avid online browser who fills shopping carts but doesn’t end up buying. So name the last three items you put in a cart that were left unpurchased.

  1. A gown (Note: I have no formal events in the foreseeable future.)
  2. Bar stools
  3. A waterproof phone case on a lanyard (This one I really should have followed through with.)

A semi-standard question: Most everyone at Bigfish views themselves as creative in some way—how about you?

I’m not creative in an artistic sense, but I can be pretty resourceful in most situations. Also, I have yet to attend one of those Wine and Paint classes. So we can’t be sure—there could be a goldmine of untapped potential.

Have you ever helped create/design any of the ads you’ve placed?

Yup! A lot of times vendors come to Media with their ideas, Media passes them to Account Services, who pass them to Creative, and so it goes – Some design capabilities get lost in translation. The most engaging campaigns I’ve worked on started by looping in Creative to the Media conversation from the get go.

You dig your chips and salsa. What do typically you wash them back with?

Jalapeño Margarita(s)

The topic is you and animals. Would you care to comment?

Gretchen Weiners (my cat) is the only animal I’m concerned about.

Bigfish is populated by people who love to travel. Give us a quick account of your last road trip.

My last road trip was just a standard straight-shot on the I-10 to Palm Springs. No speeding tickets, or anything interesting. I was heading to Stagecoach, though. So I’ll just take the opportunity to make this question about my love of country music.

What was the most unusual ad placement you put together so far?

A digital placement that was actually a functioning slot machine.

Sell us a brand called Megan in 25 words or less.

“If I no-show to Pilates again for Happy Hour, will they charge me?” – A Memoir.

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