Meet the Team: Celina Jimenez

Will work for pizza or breakfast burritos.

What brought you to the marketing/advertising industry?

Basically, I interned as a copywriter at another creative agency my senior year of college, and the rest is history. Prior to applying there, I didn’t know much about copywriting, didn’t really know any copywriters – but it just felt right. And the more I immersed myself in the work and the industry, the more I realized I had unwittingly found the sweet spot between my business-minded background and my need for creativity. “Storytelling” has become such a cliche term in the fields of marketing and journalism, but it perfectly encapsulates my entire passion. If I’m writing about you, I just want to know your story and share it with the world in a cool, fun way – period. 

Your go-to comfort food?

Pizza or breakfast burritos

The world of digital marketing changes pretty frequently and we’re constantly adapting to keep up. How do you stay up on industry changes and growth?

The thing about marketing is that it’s literally always everywhere at all times. There’s no escaping it – which is a little unsettling when I write it out like that, but it’s actually an advantage. Like anything else, immersion is the best way to learn. It’s super important for me to be active in the way I consume media/campaigns. In other words, being more attentive to what I’m seeing as well as putting in effort to keep myself educated on companies that are on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

Also, as a journalism nerd, I try to follow writers and reporters who keep up with industry changes and who are covering the business world from interesting angles.

Your go-to libation?

Any cocktail with Tito’s Vodka

Give us a summary of how you got into copywriting and what made you choose this field?

Writing has been second nature to me since I was little. I used to write and illustrate short stories, or my cousins and I would write and perform plays. My writer brain literally never shuts off. As I got into college, that evolved into a love for journalism, specifically long-form feature pieces. I double-majored in journalism and business, and copywriting for me has been a really enjoyable way to merge those two parts of myself. Also, I really love the dynamism of my role and how I have the opportunity to work on so many different types of projects with different types of clients. I thrive most when I’m doing work that allows me to find a harmony between fluidity/creativity and a certain degree of structure. That’s what copywriting has been for me.  

Give us five must-have songs on your mixtape.

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” – Whitney Houston

“Say My Name” – Destiny’s Child

“Buy U a Drank” – T-Pain feat. Yung Joc

“Try Again” – Aaliyah

“La Barca” – a bunch of different Mexican artists have covered this, but I think it’s beautiful no matter what. It’s one of my dad’s favorite songs. 

What advice would you give to someone pursuing a career in copywriting?

Pay attention to what moves you as a consumer and as a person. I always find myself analyzing campaign copy I see around and thinking about how I would change it or why it works. Always feed the part of you that loves words. Let yourself notice and appreciate anything that makes an impact on you, whether that’s an article or a billboard or even a photo caption.

Also, it’s so important to learn everything you can about things like SEO, analytics, metrics, etc. Tools like that are the driving force behind your work. They’ll give you and your clients deeper insight that can take your campaigns to the next level. The more insight you can gain into who you’re reaching and how, the more powerful your copy will be.

Lastly, take advantage of any opportunity to grow your skills – even if you feel like you’re writing about something that’s outside of your usual interests. You grow so much as a creator by seeking new experiences. 

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