Meet the Team: Jadyn Fedrick

Meet the project manager giving efficiency a new name.

We’re talking project management, Jadyn’s thoughts on the growth of digital marketing, and the difference between traditional and digital projects.

1. You grew up in Michigan, but I hear you’re an Arizona native. What brought you back to your home state?

Family and everything I love to do outdoors is here. It’s hard to be active outside in Michigan when it’s dark and cold nine months out of the year.

2. You’ve spent a few years working in marketing agencies, what made you specialize in project management?

Project management kind of found me. I was at an agency that had a project that had gotten way off course and they needed someone to get it back on track. I was an account manager at that time and happened to have a light client load so I volunteered to take it on. After that project, I realized how much I loved working directly with the internal teams and how you can more directly impact that strategy and outcome of a project as a project manager.

3. Walk us through a typical day in the life of a project manager – what do you enjoy most about your day-to-day?

A typical day is pretty boring – it’s when there is an emergency that the real fun happens – but basically I review project timelines daily. I make sure everything is on track and that the different teams that are working on projects actually have the time to do what needs to get done and are communicating with each other. I also track and project budgets regularly and make sure hours and funds are being spent accordingly.

4. You’ve worked in both traditional and digital project management. Is there a big difference between the two?

There are a ton of difference between them. With traditional projects I feel that they are pretty predictable and you know what to plan for. With digital projects, if it can go wrong it will, and planning for all the potential risks can be a fun challenge. However, when a campaign requires traditional and digital executions and those executions come together seamlessly – that’s where the big payoff is.

5. Since you get to be involved in almost every project, which type of project is your favorite and which do you find the most challenging?

That’s tough – I really like anything that’s challenging and pushes the limits of what’s typically done. It can be hard to be new and innovative so discovering ways to use existing technology in new ways can be a lot of fun.

6. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

An early bird!

7. Of course, not all our time is spent in the office! Where can people typically find you on the average Saturday night?

I’m pretty boring – the average Saturday night I’m home with my dogs relaxing. (That doesn’t sound too bad to us!)

8. The world of digital marketing changes pretty frequently and we’re constantly adapting to keep up. How do you stay up on industry changes and growth?

The best way to keep up on things is to bond with the community. You can read articles and follow different tech companies on social media – but there’s no better way to learn about things than from people who have actual experience with different technologies. The advertising community in Phoenix is so talented and knowledgeable. I feel really lucky to have worked with so many amazing people.

9. What advice would you give to someone pursuing a career in project management?

Dig in! Learn as much as you can about the industry, trends, demographics, and consumers. Advertising is a science and having that knowledge of the industry and your potential consumers will help you think strategically and predict things before a consumer even knows they need it.

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