Meet the Team: Katie Fleming

Ready to fulfill her passion in marketing, learn more about the newest member on the Bigfish account team.

Introducing the newest member of the Bigfish Account Management lineup, Katie Fleming.

What brought you to the marketing/advertising industry?

I received my undergraduate degree in marketing and am passionate about the branding process and creative advertising. So Bigfish is a natural fit for me.

We work as a team at Bigfish. What do you see as your current role? How do you see your role evolving over time?

Currently I am the work horse, jumping from one project to the next in order to get the job done. As I progress I see myself handling multiple clients as an account manager, playing a role in new branding opportunities and also getting involved in strategy.

Your job often involves interfaces with clients. What skills do you bring to that equation?

My previous job was a management role with Target, so I have a ton of customer service experience. I also learned a lot about managing people along the way, which has given me the confidence and experience in handling tough conversations and being a cheerleader.

You work with two Bigfish strategy and administrative powerhouses — Joleen and Kathryn — what have you learned from them so far?

I have learned a ton from them! Although their skill sets overlap, working with both has given me very different perspectives. For example, Kathryn is very detail oriented and has really challenged me to exert control over every tiny particular, while Joleen focuses a bit more on the big picture stuff and what direction projects should be heading and how to meet tight timelines. Working with both of them allows me to push myself toward developing expertise in several directions.

Digital projects or traditional. Any preference?

Hard choice, I think currently I enjoy digital projects because there is always something new to learn and explore.

This question is tradition around here: You’re immersed in creativity at the office, even if you aren’t officially a “creative,” so, do you bring any creative chops to the table?

I certainly like to think I do. When I’m in a brainstorming session, I feel like I thrive in feeding off of the initial ideas of teammates and expanding on them to come up with something awesome. Beyond the advertising environment, I enjoy singing. In fact, I was in choir for years. Will I be called upon to belt out a commercial jingle someday? I’m ready.

Your go-to comfort food?

My go-to is always tacos.

Your go-to libation?

Margarita (I really enjoy Mexican cuisine as you can tell.)

Give us five must-have songs on your mix tape.

Classic—The Knocks
My boyfriend’s favorite song, and mine

No Hands—Waka Flocka Flame
Favorite song when I was in high school, makes me want to dance!

Body—Loud Luxury
Again, great to dance to and I listened to it a lot in college

Mr. Brightside—The Killers
Great to sing along to

Semi-Charmed Life—Third Eye Blind
A song you can blast in the car with the windows down and jam to

Sell us on Katie Fleming, elevator pitch-style, in 25 words or less.

Highly motivated and excited about marketing, you can count on me to get the mission accomplished.

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