“Ocean of Light” at SMoCA

An Art Review

The truism that guides real estate investing—location, location, location—is totally appropriate for businesses as well. Choosing locale wisely, Bigfish resides in the amazing enclave known as Old Town Scottsdale. It’s an area that combines the charms of older Southwestern buildings, modernist new construction, and the nightlife and cuisine of a sophisticated city. It truly is a cultural haven in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, which, depending on your perspective and the month of the year, can be heavenly or hellish.

As it turns out, food isn’t the only way to decompress at lunch hour—the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art ( SMoCA) also happens to be located in Old Town.

Now, all jobs can be stressful and everyone needs to unwind, but people that work for ad agencies tend to require a special kind of relaxation. We often opt for something visual or creative like watching movies to focus on cinematography, or hiking with our inner Ansel Adams in mind. And some, like myself, enjoy the visual stimuli found in museums, especially when it’s free after five on weekends!

Currently, SMoCA features an exhibit called “Ocean of Light.” I hereby deem this interactive LED light installation a must-see.

Ocean of Light surrounds you with thousands of suspended ethereal lights that seem to pulsate as they change colors. In the background, ambient synth tones move in tempo with the lights, creating an 80’s sci-fi mood. Standing in the middle made me feel like a cross between Sigourney Weaver in Alien and Jake Sully in Avatar the first time he sees all those bioluminescent plants. A mesmerizing experience, but also slightly eerie.

There is however, something that consistently brings you back to reality: Most everyone visiting the exhibit jostles TO THE MIDDLE for prime selfie turf, thus making it necessary to aggressively dodge selfie sticks. Of course, I can’t blame them, the lights are just so damn gramable.

I’m not a certified photography pro, but the exhibit earns a solid 8/10 from me (and could have been a 9 on a less crowded occasion). This exhibit closes September 24th, so rush over to our neck of the woods and experience your sensory barrage just in the nick of time!

We love our neighbors, that’s why we can’t help but blog about them.

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