Bigfish Top Picks for places to celebrate St Paddy’s Day

That the Bigfish Tribe likes to have fun and enjoy a few libations now and then (mostly now) is not a well-kept secret. So, with years of combined drinking experience, a vast knowledge of valley watering holes, and a deep respect for the Irish, we’re offering a guide to our favorite places to knock a few back on St Paddy’s Day.

Joe Pizzimenti, The Principal

Skeptical Chymist

These guys are genuine Irishman (accent included) and the bar has that real ole Irish pub feel. They also have great food but good luck getting in St Paddy’s day. They rope off part of the parking lot for the big celebration, so get there early.

Kevin Cornwell, Design Director

Tom Bergins | Los Angeles, CA

It’s not in the valley, but, bar-none, the best St Paddy’s bar is Tom Bergin’s on Fairfax in Los Angeles. Otherwise, I suppose any Irish bar that pours Guinness while cranking Story of My Life by Social D is an acceptable choice.

Jackson Bentley, Intern

Rawhide | Chandler

This is my first legal St Paddy’s Day but I’ve had friends who have attended the Pot of Gold Festival at Rawhide, and given it rave reviews.

Jamie Williams, Business Manager

Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish Pub & Restaurant | Phoenix

Rosie McCaffrey’s is a classic Irish pub with pints of Guinness and a traditional menu. The horseshoe bar and live music is a great way to be entertained while sipping on that pint. It is ALWAYS really busy for St. Paddy’s Day! The location—right across the street from me—is perfect for staggering home.

Joleen Jansen, Account Manager (St Paddy’s Day aficionada)

Padre Murphy’s | Glendale

This place has quite the happening party if you’re down for the #brandwagon type celebration (no judgment).

Wally’s American Pub ‘n Grille | Phoenix

Wally’s has a bit more of an authentic feel with a few more options regarding food.

Clancy’s Pub | Scottsdale

This pub is a good “in-between” option if you’re looking for a bit of a bandwagon party but still an Irish-family-celebration kind of feel (again, not judging).

Even though we have many great options for this epic day, car bombs with my family and friends (who at least pretend to be Irish) and a good batch of soda bread, corned beef, and cabbage is still too good to beat.

From the whole Bigfish crew, remember now: designated drivers, Lyft and Uber are the true heroes of St Paddy’s Day. And Saturdays are for sleeping it off.

We love our neighbors, that’s why we can’t help but blog about them.

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