Between you and the threat

A brand launch without a glitch.

When the FireHost™ brand was ready for an evolution they came to Bigfish with three very specific goals:

A rebrand with a new look and feel that would remain relevant as their products and services evolved.

Visualize security, threats, and data in an inventive way to ensure the new Armor brand stood out in the crowded cybersecurity space.

Complete the brand strategy, establish the new Armor brand identity, design and develop a new website, and redesign all collateral pieces in 90 days.

Voice and tone

Absolute confidence and competence, projected in imagery and words. You might see messaging about cyber threats on Armor’s website, but never about threats getting the upper hand.

The website

Armor’s main interface with a world of leads, prospects, and customers is designed to inform, command respect, evoke trust and invite interaction. Form meets function to deliver resonance.

Cyber warfare is the real deal

Fortunately, so is our defense solution. Armor, between you and the threat. Succinct, straightforward, no-nonsense messaging citing actual types of attack—eyeballs and emotions engaged.

Cyber warfare on display