Education redefined

Nurturing, inspiring, challenging.

BASIS.ed manages a rapidly growing education network that succeeds by proving that when learners are challenged by high academic and behavioral expectations, they rise to meet them. Bigfish helps them get the word out, and attract talented, motivated teachers to their innovative system.

BASIS.ed elevates each individual to become the best version of themselves.

24 schools. A rigorous core curriculum. Teachers free to teach.

All BASIS.ed-managed open enrollment, public charter schools share the advanced interdisciplinary curriculum that BASIS.ed is famous for, plus a committed staff of teachers given the autonomy to spark a love of learning in their own way. Bigfish-designed web pages serve as informative, user-friendly gateways to the positive atmospheres and outcomes.

A corporate site as unique as the students they teach.

Professionalism is expected from all stakeholders, including students.
Of course, caring, thoughtfulness, and excitement are just as important.

BASIS.ed-managed schools stand out.

Bigfish makes it easy for BASIS.ed to tell people how. Their approach to academic curriculum. Their philosophies about the importance of critical thinking and being organized. Their incredible results. Their growth and the new opportunities for teachers and students. It’s all at your fingertips.

BASIS.ed is hiring.

The messaging within the ongoing BASIS.ed recruitment campaign emphasizes the opportunity to build a career, work with smart people and mentors, be a part of great results and reform, and enjoy the freedom to teach a group of highly-focused learners in your own preferred style. Banner ads, emails, landing pages: All compelling invitations to get involved.

The best and the brightest are flocking to BASIS Independent Schools.

So many reasons for exceptional students to choose these exceptional private schools.

Designed to set the pace of education.

It’s no secret that the private school market is as competitive as the students it tries to attract. BASIS Independent Schools tell their story with blog posts, interviews, newsletters, and lots of call outs about success.