Make it easier for the various channels within the Cisco sales ecosystem to comfortably and consistently message around the evolution from selling digitally transformative networking, security, and analytics solutions in a hardware-centric model to selling them in a software-driven model—while explaining why it’s better for everyone.


Create an engaging hub to serve as a portal where the latest and greatest sales and messaging assets/resources—videos, infographics, annual reports, and more—can be found in a single online destination. Build the UX around crisp copy, and compelling imagery to draw in busy marketers and sales execs.

A transition to predictability

Transitioning sales & marketing messaging and, end-user experiences with better outcomes. Not simply a message of “change is good” — but that controlling and guiding change is key.

The gateway curated content specific to network software

Speaking to the Network buyer vs. the Security buyer

Cisco sells a variety of digital products so their sales and marketing teams often specialize. This hub lets each visitor choose the path that matters most to them.

Network buyer and Security buyer email campaign.

Animated social campaign.

More Work

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