A new decade brings new challenges. So, we built a new kind of agency to take them on.


The Cisco US Regional Collaboration Content Marketing Team had a story to tell about the rollout of their new and improved tools that make teamwork happen more intuitively across the digital space. So they engaged Bigfish to create an array of digital assets built around:

  • Raising awareness of industry-leading collaboration tools, with a special emphasis on informing the target audience about a solution name change.
  • Messaging consistently about the direct connection between collaboration and cultures of innovation, i.e., having teams come together to dream up the next disruptive ‘big idea’ is crucial for future growth.
  • Shining a spotlight on the changing nature of the workforce and workplace, now and in the future, and how that change is making effective collaboration even more vital.
  • Helping to introduce the revolutionary addition of AI features within Cisco Webex that will make collaboration more adaptable and intuitive before, during and after meetings.
  • Speaking specifically to collaboration buyers on a higher conceptual level, with approachability and wit.


The Bigfish team wrote, designed and built the final assets:

  • Warm and playful videos that use a historic perspective to highlight progress in the collaboration ecosystem, and examples of how Cisco Webex is making meetings better.
  • Ebooks featuring stand-alone pages that speak to the collaboration challenges presented by multi-generational workstyles, multiple devices, and worksharing teams that change project-to-project.
  • Social posts and banner ads that drive collaboration buyers to the assets.

Humans have been searching for the perfect way to innovate through idea sharing since the dawn of civilization. Let’s take a look at some examples.

That was then. This is now. When you meet using Cisco Webex Teams, AI changes the game.

Animated Digital Ads

The best digital assets are only as good as the compelling digital promotion that draws people in—and moving images get more engagement than static images.

Animated Social Posts

Needless to say, social sharing platforms are a significant promotional channel—and video grabs and holds attention spans!

Campaign Materials

“The more intuitive way to work.” campaign speaks to a lot of inter-related concepts—so a wide range of assets like infographics, ebooks, and slideshares were needed to bring it all together.

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