A new decade brings new challenges. So, we built a new kind of agency to take them on.


Create some of the first online presence for a household name in the financial sector with emphasis on messaging that conveys the evolving financial services needs of individuals and families over a lifetime—and don’t forget that whale or the ocean of blue.


Design and develop a website built around an “Imagine Life” infographic that invites website visitors to interact with  the “milestones” of their lives and the financial responsibilities—and solutions—that they’ll meet when they get there. Supplement the milestones infographic with video, and of course, include an iconic breaching whale making a splash.

Imagine Life

The Pacific is beautiful

So who can blame Pacific Life for putting their namesake ocean to good use? Graphically, Bigfish went with the flow because sometimes it doesn’t make sense to swim against the current. Also, brands have rules! That’s a humpback whale, by the way, thanks for asking.

Life is a journey

And partly, that means a financial journey. From getting married to retirement and a lot of stops in between, it’s wise to explore the investments that can give you peace of mind along the way. This infographic draws you right into the process.

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