Solving problems for high-risk patients.

The art of merging brands

When PopHealthMan and SecureDocImaging came together to form PopHealthCare, the new entity had a tall task ahead of it: merge two existing brands, build a new identity, define its space in the healthcare industry, incorporate existing and new offerings under one banner—and announce its presence with a clarion call that rang clearly through the marketplace.

Simplifying the complex

While other companies may offer elements of PopHealthCare’s services, none can match its unique and comprehensive approach to high-risk population management. Working separately with both health plans and providers, it has created a synergy that maximizes efficiency and contains costs.

Establishing a new web presence

The challenge we faced when designing PopHealthCare’s website was the multifaceted nature of the company’s offerings. Healthcare-related sites tend to be clinical and intimidating, so our goal was to keep PopHealthCare’s site approachable by streamlining its functionality and simplifying the navigation.

Our mission is simple – help higher risk individuals live healthier lives.

Technology at the point of care

PopHealthTec solutions act as the eyes and ears for Care Teams in patients’ homes between visits. And because patients and their families are often the first to recognize when significant health issues arise, PopHealthTec solutions serve as the most efficient way for a patient or family member to reach out for help.