World-Class Patient Care

Providing full service agency support for over 15 years.

A not-for-profit leader in medical innovation, talent and technology, Scottsdale Healthcare was founded in 1962. We proudly assisted Scottsdale Healthcare in their mission to provide world-class patient care by developing high-quality advertising campaigns and technology solutions to drive traffic to their facilities and expand awareness about their aggressive-growth service lines.

What are you waiting for?

Tapping into Scottsdale Healthcare’s internal wait time monitoring systems, we created the API to pull ER times into a central website and mobile site, and ultimately to digital billboards throughout the greater Phoenix area.

Real men wear gowns

When Scottsdale Healthcare needed a new campaign that would help men over 40 confront the stigma of getting a prostate exam, our mission was clear; we needed a memorable device that would serve as both a call to action, as well as deliver the important message that cancer is an indiscriminate killer. We took a bold and edgy approach to tell middle-aged males that “real men wear gowns.” Scottsdale Healthcare partnered with the prostate cancer awareness spokesperson for the NFL, Hall of Fame cornerback and prostate cancer survivor, Michael Haynes. Michael explained to viewers that cancer doesn’t care if you think you’re a “tough guy,” and regardless of who you are, you could easily die of cancer if it goes undetected.

Real stories. Real people.

The fear associated with being diagnosed with cancer is immeasurable and virtually incomprehensible to anyone who has not endured that terrifying experience. The mantra “we take your fight with cancer personally” is based on the unfortunate reality that many of the caring professionals at Scottsdale Healthcare’s, Virginia G. Piper – Cancer Center are actually cancer survivors themselves. The understanding of the emotions associated with the disease has put those courageous few in a unique position to render exceptionally compassionate care. Additionally, their understanding of the battle that must be waged to survive cancer also ensures their relentless desire to save the lives that are now in their care.

A joint venture

To showcase Scottsdale Healthcare’s outstanding surgeons who utilize the latest in robotic surgical technology, Bigfish created the “Press Play” campaign. This fun and uplifting advertising encourages those who are living with nagging joint pain to see if a minimally invasive approach can get them up and running again.