Choose to be

The competitive edge

Across brands, it’s crucial to realistically explore the product/service itself and the competitive landscape it exists within prior to delineating a marketing strategy. We worked with Stendra to clearly define their brand position through internal discovery, contet audit, marketplace review, and target personas. The result was a well-researched, clearly defined, and most importantly, unique brand position in a crowded marketplace.

The course of action

The brand position is inspirational. It uncovers and speaks to the direct motivations of each of our determined target audiences. The target audience is inclusive. The position makes STENDRA apparent as a brand name ED treatment and opens the range of possibilities and choices for their consumers.

One position – three directions.

The new STENDRA position lends itself to be executed across a variety of campaigns. Each example shown below properly fits the “Choose to be” tagline as well as conveys the feeling of being inspired to try STENDRA.

Choose to be adventurous

When the time feels right, STENDRA is ready. This implies that with STENDRA you can choose spontaneous moments OR to take your time within a 6-hour range.

Choose to feel better We just feel better.

It’s about having confidence and being able to relax and be our old selves again. Not every ED prescription medication works the same for every man—that’s why we tried STENDRA.

Choose to connect

Can you feel better? About yourself, your relationship, your body, your connection? About making one another happy again? Explore the possibilities.A couple like you…should explore your options.